My pride and joy: the bass that got me back into playing after 15 years.  I'd wanted one since I was 16, but never thought I'd be rich enough to buy one.   Then, in the Spring of 2005, I found myself in the unfamiliar position of having a fat wad of cash at my disposal, and nothing boring (like bills) to waste it on. "Right," I said. "I'm having a Rickenbacker, and nobody's going to stop me!"

Rickenbacker 4003 JetGlo

He is, quite simply, the best bass I've ever owned or am ever likely to.  Being an inveterate tinkerer, I've made a few mods: added a series/parallel switch to the pups, Vintage Rick knobs and a Kent Armstrong faux 'Toaster' neck pickup.

To hear a sample of his unmistakable sound, use the audio player below.  
( Apologies for the blindingly obvious choice of riff. )